Machol experience

Machol Ungaria, the dance seminary organized in each spring at Szarvas has reached this year its 10th edition. For every participant it is clear that the program will have a very very long life. The skills and talent of the dance teachers, the devotion and the professionalism of the organizers mixed with the enthusiasm and the joy of dancing of the participants are the precise recipe of a long and full of accomplishments life.

Hundreds of dance lovers from the entire Europe have one week in every year dedicated only to the Israeli dances. In that week all the problems step aside and from early in the morning till late in the night culminating with the marathon from the last day in which the sunrise catches the last dances, and so the charm of the dance creates for all the participants talented or not so talented a unique experience which last thought is the same for everyone “i can hardly wait to be hear the next year”.

The final evening was full of events:each country has shown in front of everybody the choreographies learned but also some surprise ones which have obtained the admiration of the entire hall,the beginners have tried to prove that the next year will be a part of the advanced classes, the teachers Oren, Ely, Kobi, Ofer si Carina were part of a surprise which was very well received especially by the feminine public and the organizers received a lot of well deserved aplauses.

Romania was admired by all through the jewish salsa show at the end of which Dana. Gabriela, Arina, Marius Erwin and Balasz from Ungaria have made all the public to applause standing .

The final represented just the beginning of counting the days remained until Machol 2009.

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One thought on “Machol experience

  1. Postul tau David mi-a readus aminte de clipele minunate petrecute la Machol. Vorba ta deja am inceput sa numar zilele pana la Machol 2009.
    Cu putin noroc poate la Machol 2010 ajung la lectiile de avansati. 😛

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